The company

AZ Armaturen do Brasil Ltda., is the branch of a family business and first came to Brazil in 1995, it used to be just an office in São Paulo to sell the products manufactured in Germany. The activities in Itatiba/SP, started in 1996, as most Brazilian companies, in a building of only 200-square-meter, where were manufactured and sold, under orders, plug valves.

There were just a few employees in 1998. However, as business grew, increasing the amount of tasks, more people were required including specially Mr. Alexander Schmidt´s arrival from Germany, who nowadays is General Manager.

In 1999, was accomplished the first industrial buling at the Industry District "Alfredo Rela", in Itatiba/SP and in the following year the building, with 1300m² of construted area, had it´s opening, clearly aiming to keep the German headquarter´s quality and technology.

It is now possible to solve our customer´s needs. To any sort of supply, a technical assitance/maintenance unit is kept, what means that quality has been extended to the "Service". Even a "Recycling" service on plug-valves is done, no matter the configution, dimension or origin.

The company´s goal is to be always updated at the valves sector, doing whatever might be necessary to achieve it. Through our product and our work, we to show we regard our clients, concerning quality, efficiency, punctuality, reliability and partnership.

The new head office built in 1992.
Villigen_Schwenningen district and the modem building.

At present, AZ Armaturen has about 200 workers around the world. Since it is a world wide known enterprise.